Remarkable Women

Manal Al Sharif

(Founder, Women2Hack Academy)

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are many glass ceilings for women. Manal Al Sharif was the first women to drive in Saudi Arabia. She was arrested for driving and posting it online but she managed to start a movement which lead to reversing of the law to allow women to drive which is an amazing contribution. Not only this, She was hired by state-owned oil producer, Saudi Aramco as IT security specialist and she was the only women to do so. She continued her work to support tech talent by founding an academy, Women2Hack.

Jasmine Anteunis

Jasmine Anteunis is young and passionate creative developer who likes to design things. She is an inspiration for all women working in tech industry. She proved that whether you are man or women, if you truly work passionately you can do it. She is co-founder Recast.AI which is a start-up that works on AI, NLP and chatbots.

“I am passionate about paper craft, it’s a great medium and joined my taste for the creation of a product that you master all aspects of the design.” Jasmine Aneunis (

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