Zara Naeem ACCA topper

Zara Naeem Dar, an ACCA understudy from Lahore, has been trending on Twitter since a week ago.  She has become pride of the nation by topping in ACCA (Association of chartered certified Accountants) exam across the whole world. Zara Naeem is a brilliant, stunning Pakistani student who made her country proud by securing the highest marks in ACCA exams detained in December 2020. An understudy at the SKANS School of Accounting in Lahore, Zara was among the 527,000 understudies who embraced the assessment from 179 nations. She has made a world record of topping among five Lac and twenty-seven thousand students of 179 countries doing ACCA and has aced the ACCA’s Financial Reporting Program (FRP) so far. She remained a topper throughout her educational period and always stand on her parent’s expectations. She is an ambitious and hard-working lady.  She belongs to military family. Her father served as military officer.

Netizens have overwhelmed Twitter to compliment Zara Naeem on her accomplishment. This platform #womentech also promote her achievement. It ought to be noticed that the ACCA capability is viewed as the highest quality level in finance with acknowledgment and presence in more than 179 nations around the world. In this way, beating the test is colossal arrangement without a doubt. She was also lauded by Federal Information Minister Shibli Faraz and the government on her achievement.

She posted that her father is a military officer and real hero. Zara give credit of her success to her father. She said that her father always supports young girls to fulfill their dreams and crush every single fake boundary. Her family was her real support system. Reports state that she is a niece of Pakistani famous empire Aleem Dar. He congrats her for making nation proud by sharing a congratulation video.

Zara got recognized quickly after her accomplishment got viral on Social Media. She asks in her interview that as a girl, she featured the expert difficulties that the young ladies face in callings like ACCA. She was expecting 85% marks but she was shocked that she topped the exam. She additionally congratulated her instructor Zubair Saleem and said that educator rules were likewise useful to accomplish the high evaluations. Also, she proceeded to say that soon she will open her own review firm in which she needs to advance fields like finance and account in the country. Getting acknowledgment from the US consulate, she has been licensed for the accomplishment while the Government of Pakistan has additionally recognized her worldwide achievement. She also mentioned that she has an expertise in fields of arts and sports and still plan to accomplish more. She is a multi-talented girl who always wants to do multiple tasks or wants to gain multiple skills. Other than examining, she is additionally a cosmetics devotee and loves to spend time with her friends or family. She is an extrovert person and has a place with a Kashmiri family. She asked that she didn’t go to unique classes for the test, but she had to work hard.

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