Aqsa Ajmal Lexus Design Award winner

Among other emerging talents making their country proud internationally, Pakistan is also blessed with many creative mindsets who won hearts globally. Here we can’t ignore a talented girl who won hearts globally by winning award in prestigious Lexus Design Awards. Aqsa Ajmal an industrial graduate from NUST(National university of science and technology) invents sewing machine for visually impaired people and won the Lexus design award in Milan, Italy. There is a need to promote her talent too. Seeing such a talented minds working hard to make an ease for disabled person, womentech will promote every talented girl. She pitched the idea of sewing machine called “Pursewit” for those people who are blind or having an eye sight issue.

Apparently, in the honors, an aggregate of 6 passages were shortlisted by the end from the record-setting 2042 sections from 79 nations. On her massive achievement, Aqsa Ajmal shared her experience and how she feels to take the innovation to the following stage. Besides, she shared a heart touching incident in which one of her friend had lost her vision which currently turned into the purpose for “Pursewit”. Talking to media Aqsa Ajmal said “It was hard for her friend to deal with how she was unable to seek after her examinations any longer. Also, special educational institutes for example, braille in Pakistan are very costly. I needed to cause her to feel important, and that encourage me to make an idea which would help create business opportunities for her friend and other people like her”.

In an interview with express tribune she shared her journey from uncertainty to success. She said “Truly, I knew almost nothing about industrial design before joining NUST. I investigated a couple of fields and was uncertain about which program to seek after,”. She admitted “At first, I struggled with my evaluations a great deal and at various events, I considered giving up. However, progressively, I discovered my speed and started to settle. As time advanced and with careful assurance, I wound up continually vested in different spaces of my degree”. She expressed more that, “After my graduation, I went to Egypt for an internship. At the point when I returned, I went over the Lexus Design Award and applied for it. Lexus reported its six finalists in December, and from a record-setting gathering, I was among them. Following this, I got an opportunity to go to a restrictive mentorship program in New York from elite architects”.

She reasoned that doing this would likewise furnish her with the chance of featuring the segment that can profit by such activities. This could influence communities at a large. Contribution at an overall level may prompt awareness at a political level, prod financial help for the undertakings and help headway. She restored that the public authority and non-benefit associations are putting resources into projects like these to set out greater business open doors. Hence, more individuals should approach with comparable thoughts and enable the country overall.

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