First women leading software house in Pakistan

Gender equality stays a significant issue in the corporate world, and women remain essentially underrepresented in the corporate pipeline. Regardless of a wealth of examination affirming that organizations are more productive when they have more ladies in the C-suite, we actually have a gender gap in many organizations. Many women’s wants to work hard and make their future bright but due to lack of comfortable outdoor environment for females, they can’t do outdoor work. Some families don’t allow their girls for Co-working with males.  Abilities can generally be mastered and developed, but if the environment isn’t secure and agreeable, and if her voice isn’t being heard, she won’t ever work there. It is maybe more about individuals you work with.

Women technology is the first women leading software house. There are 70 percent women opportunities and rest of them are for male. Females are preferable to our company. You will feel great working at women technology house where opportunities are open for ladies; we energize and encourage ladies instead of smothering them. Women Technology House is working on creating protected and proficient environment for females, working in the field of Technology. Women Technology House chips away at the limit working of females to help them in professional success and to help Women Entrepreneurs. We welcome fresh graduates and expertise to become our team member.

A group of profoundly proficient and talented people who are devoted to work for the progression of society. Women Technology House Private Ltd is quite possibly the most trusted and secure innovation center point restrictive for the females, with significant information on the most recent innovation patterns. We are supported by an exceptionally talented group of IT experts who dedicatedly convey their top notch result situated administrations to prepare and expertise individuals.  We encourage ladies to make their carrier and become independent women.

The mission of Women technology house is to provide a platform to produce Technopreneurs by skilled them through Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Innovation is the creation, development and implementation of a new product to improve the efficiency or effectiveness. Technology, the utilization of logical information to the viable points of human existence or, as it is now and again expressed, to the change and control of the human environment. We skilled them through entrepreneurship, means the movement of setting up a business or organizations, facing monetary challenges in the expectation of benefit. Our motivation is to light the forces of young ladies.

Vision of women technology house is to exploiting new era of opportunities for girls to learn advanced technologies in a secure environment which may drive them for building up best future generation. It provides a new time of chances for young ladies to learn trend setting innovations in a protected environment which may drive them for developing best group of people yet to come.

Women technology house offers many services including web development, design and branding, digital marketing, App development, CRM development, video and animation, Search engine optimization and many more. It also offers training and courses. The flexible working hours are 9:30am to 5:30pm. Networking opportunities is a way to enhance your business, grow client base and a way to meet with investors. We will suggest you a client to promote your business. Women Technology house also offers Personal development which means it comprises of exercises that build up an individual’s abilities and potential, form human resources, encourage employability, and improve personal satisfaction and the acknowledgment of dreams and yearnings. Self-improvement may happen throughout the span of a person’s whole life expectancy. We also offer Mentoring programs to promote your business.

Our business values include honesty and trust, learn and leadership, comfort and environment, team development. We incorporate with value added Partners universally who have been deliberately chosen for their expertise which assist us with polishing our thoughts, in-kind help and more are assisting us with building more grounded.  WTH works on android, IOS, html, CSS, JavaScript, Php, Laravel, MySQL, node, wordpress, CodeIgniter etc. The founders of WTH are Mr.Zain Sikandar khan (founder and CEO), Miss Sadaf Shaheen Awan (founder and CTO), Miss Neelam Nasir (founder and BOD).

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