15 years old boy develop an instant messaging App

A 15 years old boy of grade 9 resident of Karachi Syed Nabeel Haider, develop an instant messaging application like telegram, called as FF meeting. His application has many features like chatting, voice calling, group formation, channel creation, and features for visually impaired. In addition, you can send a similar message to 500,000 (5 lakh) individuals at the same time. Clients can likewise send recordings and documents of 5 Gb without the quality being undermined. This, yet the quantity of individuals you can make a gathering with is additionally various (200,000 individuals). The application additionally has a component known as mystery talk which permits clients to talk with anybody which vanishes naturally following 5 to 10 minutes. As per student, his application is much more advanced as compared to WhatsApp. As indicated by his family’s suggestions, the student named the application FF conference (family and companions meeting). The student was visited by Zafar Abbas of the JDC establishment, who revealed that the Nabeel’s father has lost his job four years ago and he is now jobless and makes an earning by selling food in his neighbor.

According to Nabeel, he face many difficulties during creation of application because of laptop’s low performance, which he bought for Rs.10,000.  “My dad worked hardly to set aside cash for me to purchase the PC, however its inefficiency increases the time to develop an application” Nabeel expressed.

As per student, he used kotlin, java and python for the development of application. Due to lack of financial resources he was unable to upload the application on google play store. He expressed “I didn’t have the way to pay the Google expense for the application’s incorporation to the Google store, however one of my well-wishers offered to support me, after which I was successful in uploading it.” For a 15-year-old from a lower-pay foundation, to pull that off with pitiful methods and add includes that major applications, for example, Telegram and WhatsApp don’t offer as of now is great. To finish it off, the coder figured out how to do it freely, when most applications result from whole groups’ endeavors. Because of coding errors, the student has not had the option to launch the application for the Apple stage, however he intends to do as such inside a year. It has additionally arisen that the developer utilized a famous technique known as application wrapping, which is the way toward applying an administration layer to a portable application without requiring any progressions to the hidden application. He used the openly accessible Telegram API while just altering the general front-end or skin of the application.

The developer has not contributed towards advancement or made something new in spite of his underlying case. Some media sources and online media clients have even blamed the 15-year-old for pulling a trick because of information concerns, yet that is mistaken. Nonetheless, clients’ information will stay unprotected and helpless because of the non-presence of back-end uphold requiring expensive server maintenance. Users therefore advised to use and download the application at their own risk.

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