khansa Maria visually impaired Pakistani student wins scholorship to oxford

A Pakistani understudy Khansa Maria with visual disability has procured pride for the country as she has won Rhodes Trust Scholarship 2021 to seek after a graduate degree at Oxford University the following fall.  Hailing from Lahore, Khansa Maria is as of now seeking after a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service at Georgetown University Qatar.

Attributable to her visual disability, Khansa needed to confront numerous challenges while concentrating in Pakistan consequently, the possibility of ​​being ready to accomplish something for the disabled people is extremely personal to her.

Khansa, who likewise works at the US Embassy in Qatar, advocates for the rights of individuals with disabilities other than planning open networks with an end goal to guarantee inclusivity.  To this end, the lone beneficiary of the Rhodes grant has coordinated and has spoken at different conferences on incorporation and comprehensive approach. In her sophomore year she was a beneficiary of a Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) Grant which empowered her to examine the barriers affecting the consideration of individuals with disabilities in the Qatari labor force, the Rhodes Trust states on its website.

Her Honors thesis focus on the development of disability rights in postcolonial South Asia and how it has formed portrayals of individuals with disabilities. Nearby, Khansa leads different clubs including the Georgetown Debating Union and the South Asian Society. At Oxford, Khansa desires to additional her examinations in open arrangement and social mediation. Khansa desires to deal with comprehensive approach making and limit working for the inability local area in Pakistan.

“I do have a disability, I am visually impaired, and I firsthand encountered the effects of not having a comprehensive society,” Maria said, taking note of that now she needs to offer in return.

“I do have a certain responsibility toward my community to improve things to the extent that I can, or at least lend my skills or my experience in a way that benefits people like me in Pakistan,” she observed.

To this end, she has coordinated and has spoken at different gatherings on consideration and comprehensive strategies. Khansa as of now goes to Georgetown’s Qatar grounds where she is seeking after a Bachelor’s in foreign service, with a focus in culture and governmental issues.

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