3 Pakistani students make ACCA’s global toppers list

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) has reported the breeze through paces of its most recent test sitting for March 2021 and three understudies from Pakistan are on the rundown of its worldwide prize champs who’ve made the country glad by scoring best grades among all test sitters from around the world. Roused by the new achievements of Pakistani understudies like Zara Naeem Dar and Muhammad Abdullah, it’s cheering to see country’s childhood competing for the best positions in the field of education and featuring Pakistan universally as a center point for top notch ability in accounting and finance.

Kahaf Moid, a little youngster from Karachi, has scored best grades in Audit and Assurance paper and indeed demonstrated that young ladies are the pride of our country. In the wake of qualifying ACCA, Kahaf needs to address Pakistan on different worldwide fora and serve at worldwide associations. She needs to address the obsolete discernment about Pakistani ladies for being in reverse and prohibited. “We’re not the ones with our wings cut, we’re now flying high and having an effect. Pakistani ladies are the future worldwide pioneers and it’s just no time like the present that the world will see it for themselves,” said Kahaf Moid.

Another Pakistani young girl Fakiha Maqsood from Faisalabad is the global topper and has scored highest marks in Advanced Taxation paper. She has likewise accomplished the best grades by any understudy in Pakistan in the Strategic Business Reporting test. After qualifying ACCA, Faikha needs to have an influence in the modernisation of material area in Faisalabad. Utilizing her worldwide aptitude and future-centered experiences gained in ACCA, she needs to assist the area with setting up the future and restore its worldwide remaining as world’s greatest exporting city by accepting digitization and advancement.

Ali Shan structure Karachi has scored the best grades in Financial Reporting test and has been announced the worldwide prize victor eclipsing understudies from around the world. “I’ve generally been entranced by numbers and appreciate being analytical. So accounting was a characteristic decision for me. I need to change how organizations work in the country and might want to assume my part in advancing development and morals at working environment. As a nation we’ve been left behind on the grounds that we’ve sadly standardized deceptive practices and debilitate better approach for getting things done. Utilizing my insight acquired in ACCA, I will be an impetus for change in the corporate area,” said Ali Shan. With 227,000 individuals and 544,000 future individuals situated in 176 nations, ACCA is perceived as a worldwide visa to assemble a genuinely global vocation with world’s driving brands.

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