Top Tech Female Leaders of Pakistan’s views on “Embracing Equity” at Women’s Day 2023

Women Technology House combines an article for Women’s Day 2023 on “Embracing Equity” with the views of top tech female leaders in Pakistan. It is important to reflect on the progress we have made toward gender equity and the work that still needs to be done. In the technology industry, where women have historically been underrepresented, there are many challenges that still need to be addressed. These female tech leaders in Pakistan have shown that there are many different approaches to promoting gender equity in the technology industry.

It is delightful that #InternationalWomensDay2023 is about #EmbracingEquity and that the UN has supplemented it with #DigitALL. The three elements – Women, Equity, and Digital – have a symbiotic relationship that is being recognized globally. Where women are concerned, the journey toward absolute equity is accelerated by the underpinnings of emerging technologies.

Country Director at Code for Pakistan

Tech does not always provide a level playing field, especially to diverse communities. Leaders need to #EmbraceEquity and give EVERYONE what they need to be successful. As a woman leader in tech, I believe that embracing equity is not only the right thing to do but also the smart thing to do for the future of our industry. Let’s work together to build a more equitable and inclusive tech community.

Shamim Rajani
COO, Genetech Solutions

Top female tech leaders can play a critical role in this process by leading by example and advocating for change. These leaders can use their platforms to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, as well as mentor and support the next generation of female tech leaders. By embracing equity and prioritizing inclusivity, the tech industry can foster a more welcoming and supportive environment for all employees, regardless of gender, race, or background.

CEO | Women Technology House | Women CodersPK

In addition to these strategies, implementing a clear anti-harassment policy is crucial in promoting a safe and inclusive workplace. Such policies should outline behaviors that are considered harassment, establish reporting procedures, and include consequences for violating the policy. By taking a proactive approach to prevent harassment and creating a safe space for all individuals, we can help build a more diverse and inclusive tech community.

Founder at Stippple

Inclusivity comes when we include people from diverse backgrounds in important decisions. The world is changing fast and I am happy to see people from trans community, marginalized backgrounds, minorities and people with disabilities participating in teams and leading from the front.
It’s high time to think about all the mothers and embrace them open-heartedly who take long career breaks to raise kids or who are still raising kids. Organizations should now start thinking about paid maternity leave and introducing day care centers for mothers to comfortably carry on their duties.

CEO, Digital Umbrella

As a female cofounder with 25+ years of global experience, I have seen women lead the way in innovation, drive growth and diversity, and challenge the status quo. Walee, our award-winning and among the largest regional creator platforms, already enables women to earn as influencers and affiliates – we’re building an inclusive and equitable ecosystem. We have hosted female business owners with webinars to incorporate tech to grow their ventures, and worked with female influencers, from the nano-level as they start their journey via online training sessions and our Creators Academy series. To identify exceptional female talent, we’ll be launching campus initiatives to better connect with female students aspiring to join tech firms. We’ve got more coming up so watch this space!’

Co-founder & COO at Walee

Being in advanced tech era, we need to learn new things everyday. This cannot be achieved until we have good network, productive & safe work environments, inclusive and diverse tech culture. I have always believed in welcoming constructive criticism, diversify talent pool, celebrate cultural difference and providing inclusion trainings. We are injecting this to our communities using multiple strategies like breaking down silos, hosting cross functional meetings, engaging talented professionals & mentors, celebrating diverse opinions, soliciting input from all stakeholders involved, promoting rewards, improving communication on all levels and above all spreading awareness on diversity. We are happy that these things have brought much better and best results and will create more positive impact in our communities.

CEO KNCT / Hobby Garage & Tazeyem MD PIDS

In a country like Pakistan, male dominance is at its peak, still women are known as good managers and great executors of any planned activity, way it be managing business or home.  Women at large, in Pakistan have their primary responsibility as home-makers and in their quest to prove themselves as good home-makers and maintain peace in the house mostly compromise on their career growth. With the ever increasing domain of tech industry, it has paved ways for growth in business and also inclusion of women in decision making process. Its mandatory for every women to understand her worth and write her goals, avenues are huge for women in business. The policy and parameters laid in Pakistan are just so mind-blowing for women that words can never define. The beauty of male dominating society of Pakistan for women especially in tech, the key facilitators are supportive and also makes all probable ways for making it easier for women in embracing equity at the major sectors in the economy of Pakistan. It’s up-to the hard-work and reach in a productive way of a woman to reach their objectives in a positive way.

Head of Business Development at Extreme Group

Having a more diversified and tech inclusive culture is what we all require in the upcoming years. There are numerous ways through which we could contribute in enhancing this. Firstly, introducing more cross-functional discussions within the team and cross-collaboration across multiple teams. This will boost in having a more diversified perspective and increased collaboration. Secondly, conducting constant surveys to have a more vivid comprehension of the industry and their understanding on the tech inclusive culture. Last but not the least, spreading awareness on its importance and impact in the world.
This could be done by conducting sessions on latest technologies, hosting experienced speakers etc. The main aim is to introduce technology developed for everyone, so that everyone can benefit from it.

Technology Analyst – United Bank Limited (UBL) | Content Lead – Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC) | Co-founder – Secure Pwn ,Founder – Educational Excellence

As a female tech entrepreneur,  I firmly believe that building a more inclusive tech culture is not only the right thing to do, but it is also essential for the long-term success of companies. By valuing and empowering diverse perspectives, companies can drive innovation and create products that serve better. As a woman in tech, I am committed to championing equality and advocating for policies and practices that support diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I believe that by working together, we can create a brighter and more equitable future for all

CEO , Maven Logix

As someone who has experienced firsthand the limitations women face in trying to achieve a work-life balance, my role as a woman leader is to empathize and provide a solution to these limitations in whatever capacity I can – be it in the form of flexible remote or hybrid working models or offering opportunities to those who have had a career break without asking them why because I understand.

Zunaira Omar
CEO , squarepeg

Building a more inclusive tech culture is not just a moral imperative, but it’s also good for business. To achieve this, we embrace equity in all aspects of their organizations. According to me there are some applicable strategies that can help: 1. Prioritize diversity and inclusion in hiring practices 2. Create mentorship and sponsorship programs for underrepresented groups 3. Implement bias training for all employees 4. Foster a culture of belonging by creating safe spaces for open dialogue 5. Hold leadership accountable for creating and maintaining an inclusive environment with certain numbers in workforce By taking these steps, We as a tech leaders can create a culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion, which will ultimately lead to better products, and a more successful business.

Muzna Khan
Founder at Web3Solution | EMRChains

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made towards gender equity. Despite efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in tech, many women still face systemic barriers to success.
One such strategy is to actively recruit and hire more women and underrepresented minorities. Additionally, providing opportunities for professional development and mentorship can help women advance in their careers and feel supported in the workplace.
To truly embrace equity, organizations must also address unconscious biases, and creating a culture of open communication and accountability can ensure that incidents of bias are addressed and corrected.
In conclusion, this success requires a collective effort from organizations, individuals, and society as a whole. By working together, we can create a fairer and more equitable future for all.

CEO at E-Rein

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